About Us

 The name Cocosis simultaneously honors the Bahamian heritage our father and the matriarchs of our family— along with the values of sisterhood, that they taught us so much about. Cocosis Naturals was birthed from a personal need for natural healing and protection, but in its creation, we have found community. We work, tirelessly, to find the best all-natural ingredients, to stay connected with our "CocoFam", and to maintain an honest dedication to everything Cocosis Naturals stands for. We’re so thankful for the opportunity to create products that we truly love, and invite you to learn more about us below.


Meet The Team

Camryn Bain




"I'm the baby, however my ambition and drive are developed well beyond my years. That said, I know how to keep things fun and exciting, and I hope that it shows in everything that we do. 


We create products for women like ourselves: Those who just want to nurture, honor, and appreciate their bodies by being mindful of what they put in them and on them."

Taylor Bain



Co-Owner, Artisan

"I'm the oldest of this dynamic sister duo. After struggling for years with eczema, sensitive skin, and countless allergic reactions to artificial ingredients, I realized that it was time for a change. 


One day, I finally just decided that enough was enough. I grabbed my sister by the hand, and together we began creating rich and nourishing products with all-natural ingredients, and started on a journey to heal, not only our bodies, but our bond in sisterhood."

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